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Cyberflux LLC is a Nigerian high-tech startup company that uses  Physical Computing, Cloud Computing, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in energy management and power automation, so as to provide constant power, smart living, energy efficiency, cost reduction, safety benefits and emission target for our clients. We use smart innovative cyber-physical systems in managing legacy and renewable energy systems for efficient and optimum use. To achieve the aforementioned above, we have  designed and developed a decentralized or distributed computing hardware and software platform known as Normalized Energy Management System or NEMS.

Our NEMS solution is designed to make it easier for our consumers to enjoy convenient and efficient ways of managing  energy sources and load appliances with the control, communication, automation and monitoring features of our NEMS system.

With our NEMS solution you'll achieve 100% non-contact with your changeover switch,  0% non contact with your generator and solar inverter system as well as 50% cut down on your energy consumption per month. Some of our features include: Power Analytics for outage and trend analysis on mains, generator, battery and solar inverter outputs; pre-set schedules on your heating and cooling systems for autonomous control and automation, as well as motion or temperature based sensors on the NEMS system to help client reduce energy consumption or crazy electric bills per month.

Come let's give you a low CAPEX on our NEMS solution so that you can start enjoying very low OPEX on your home or office investment in energy consumption!

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Our Mission

To save energy costs and human lives for our customers while minimizing their epileptic power experiences in a very convenient way using home grown smart innovative Internet of Things technologies.

Our Vision

To provide consumers with an efficient energy management system using smart off-grid hybrid renewable energy platform and solutions with cyber physical system technologies.

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