NEMS Asset

NEMS Energy Asset Management is Cyberflux's systematic value delivery process of profiling and evaluating Distributed Energy Source (DES) assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest maintenance cost.
The NEMS Asset Management Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) provides a bespoke suite of asset management features and functions that provide clients with a centralized and real-time system to monitor, control and repair deployed assets on the ground. It ships with a fully customized dashboard that provides full visibility of all NEMS assets, add-ons and distributed systems showing real-time performance of the deployed SmartSAVs and SmartKONs of the Private NEMS and Corporate NEMS solutions.
The NEMS Asset Management system allows access to real-time data of potential risks or problem areas permitting proactive measures to be taken to correct such problems, cutting down cost and other implications of unplanned downtime and system failure. This gives control of individual budget for asset replacing when due, crossing off extra costs for maintenance in between.

NEMS Power

NEMS Power Analytics is a feature of our NEMS systems and solutions that enables our customers or consumers to have a smart or intelligent business insight into all their energy or power systems such as Mains utility power, Diesel Generator Power, Solar inverter power and also help them capture when they had no power at all.
The NEMS Power Analytics feature help our customers monitor their power outage trends as regards the power outage frequency and the duration of the power outage for all their installed power systems.
This will help them predict and manage their energy consumption in a more intelligent and efficient way by examining data sets from the different power system in order to draw a conclusion about the power information they contain using the proprietary cloud-based energy management algorithm in our NEMS application.
Our NEMS Power Analytics will help our customers draw insights from this raw information from our NEMS SmartKON and SmartSAV device sources so as to make better decisions as well as verify or disprove existing theories or models from the power or energy service providers.

NEMS Energy Management

At Cyberflux we undertake innovative technological activities in providing solutions to client's power and energy problems using computing  technology on power systems for management, automation, monitoring and control with 100% local content.
 Our main focus is on the application of physical and cloud computing technology on Distributed  Energy Sources (DES) and systems, using sophisticated electronic sensing, control, actuation and communication systems so as to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in our planet, and at the same time provide consumers with functional and real-time information about their energy cost in terms of their energy spent and energy saved and give them the ability to budget and forecast their energy needs.
We also advocate for a collaboration between us and our customers to determine  their lifestyle and find ways to align our solution to fit with it. 

To best satisfy our customers energy wants and needs we carry out research and development activities on the following:

  • Stochastic modeling and performance evaluation of artificial intelligence algorithms on smart off-grid renewable energy system with a view of using transactive energy control technologies to increase energy access to developing economies in Africa.
  • Power system modeling, simulation and control in transactive energy, OpenADR and OpenACR power management for energy efficiency, energy cost reduction and reliability.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of a cost-effective SCADA system for Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) power lines and systems using Internet of Things and Data
    Analytics technologies.
  • Applying physical and cloud computing technology for the intelligent management and energy efficiency of solar and wind based renewable energy hybrid system.
  • The use of Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization for Smart Grid Hybrid power system in achieving sustainable power for developing countries.
  • The Use of Embedded system as end devices for remote sensing for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage power systems and networks.
  • Application of advance computing, machine learning and geospatial AI in Smart Off-Grid Renewable Power Systems.

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