SmartKON is a building automation system based on our NEMS (Normalized Energy Management System) platform.
SmartKON helps you control all the appliances in your home or office while away to save you energy and high cost of electricity and danger in the exposure of manual wall electric switches. It is designed and developed by Cyberflux LLC.

The SmartKON NEMS device can be connected to an optional gateway for large scale deployments. The optional gateway is the link to the NEMS cloud platform. The NEMS cloud, which houses the NEMS Protocol Module, is the building automation energy management platform based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It receives commands from different sources including the internet, SMS, local Wi-Fi, etc. then routes it to the addressed node on the smart-home network.

The SmartKON device can be installed as a standalone device or integrated to the SmartSAV for the complete Normalized Energy Management System (NEMS) solution. We have created an energy management system that saves customer's energy cost by controlling and automating the
power consumption of their home or office loads from home/office or while on the move.


  • The SmartKON can help you schedule times of the day at which you want some of your load to come ON or go OFF to save mains energy cost and convenience.
  • The SmartKON NEMS has Data Analytics feature which can help you monitor your home or office appliance usage or their ON and OFF trend to track energy consumption.
  • It also connects all the devices to the internet and our cloud service to enable effective control and monitoring of status of all our energy management products via our mobile or web applications.
  • SmartKON can help control water heaters, light bulbs, air conditioners and any other home appliances with our cloud-based smart phone application.


SmartSAV our made in Nigeria smart changeover system based on our proprietary NEMS (Normalized Energy Management System) solution. This device prevents high voltage from mains or generator. It conveniently helps in automatic-switch from different energy sources like generator, mains or solar based inverters with the constant epileptic power situation in Nigeria and some parts of Africa.

It saves on cost of diesel or fuel since it power's down your generator when mains are restored. It can also help prevent the inhalation of carbon monoxide or C02 with our power on/off mobile app.
This was designed and developed by Cyberflux LLC.

The SmartSAV is based on NEMS which is our proprietary Internet of Things based technology solution that cuts across all our hardware (firmware), software, communication protocol, security module, mobile application, web applications, database services and cloud services.


  • Automatic switch from mains to generator and vice versa
  • Automatic power down of generator when mains is restored.
  • A cloud-based user interface (running on our customized framework 'NEMS') that allows the client to wirelessly turn on and turn off the generator using your mobile phone from anywhere, at any time.
  • The User interface gives real-time status update on which of your power sources is active and remote monitoring and control anytime, anywhere.
  • With your smart phone, you can switch on your gen and transfer your load to generator when mains are experiencing low voltage or during critical operations that demands no mains failure.
  • Data Analytics feature to view mains outage duration and generator on-time duration, daily, weekly or monthly.
  • A fuel gauge widget that gives real-time information on the current fuel/diesel level in the generator.
  • An inverter battery voltage/temperature widget.

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