The NEMS platform is an innovative and multi paradigm hardware and software system or a system of systems which is based on the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence technology.

The NEMS Software algorithm and the NEMS IoT protocol in our device stack, gateway stack, cloud stack and UI/UX stack are all designed to capture power and  energy data from hybrid Distributed Energy Sources from hydro power from utility supply, solar power and wind power.

On the Artificial Intelligence model on the NEMS cloud stack, Machine learning and deep learning algorithms has been trained to carry out predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics for energy efficiency and load consumption analytics and carbon footprint reduction for our esteemed clients.

These aforementioned NEMS algorithm and protocol forms a post-event and real-time API that drives a virtual cloud server hosting a hybrid database schema of big data containers where a select multi paradigm data analytics engine carries out exploratory data analytics and asset management that are rendered on our iOS  Android mobile application as well as our desktop based MAC OSX and Windows PC applications.

Device Stack

Gateway Stack

Cloud Stack

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