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Managing your energy sources and appliances has never been EASIER

Our Normalized Energy Management System (NEMS) solution is designed to make it easier for consumers to enjoy convenient and efficient ways of managing their energy sources and appliances with the control, communication, automation and monitoring features of our NEMS system.


Smart Control, right in your palms

Forgot to turn off that heater before stepping out? No problem...Our solution offers a centralized and real-time system to monitor
and control your appliances, anywhere, anytime.

Get Informed, with Power Analytics

The NEMS Power Analytics feature help our customers monitor their power outage trends as regards the
power outage frequency and the duration of the power outage for all their installed power systems.
This will help them predict and manage their energy consumption in a more intelligent and efficient way

Zero contact with your change-over

With our SmartSav system, you can automatically switch over from mains to gen and vice-versa. You can also schedule your gen to come on or go off at a particular time. Conveniently aiding energy savings and reducing contact with changeover systems.

Make a schedule for your devices

Preset schedules on your heating and cooling systems for autonomous control and automation. This feature also works for your power sources like generators and inverters.



We offer
innovative solutions

NEMS Asset Management

NEMS Energy Asset Management is Cyberflux's systematic process of profiling and evaluating
our NEMS assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest
maintenance cost.

NEMS Power Analytics

NEMS Power Analytics is a feature of our NEMS system technology and solutions that enable our customers or
consumers to have a smart or intelligent business insights into all their energy or power system needs. 

NEMS Energy Management

We help you budget, forecast and determine the cost of electricity on your DES so you can determine how much you spent on utility and generator power as well as how much you save on your solar based inverter. 

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Paschal A. Okoro

Co-Founder & CFO

Prof. Gloria Chukwudebe



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